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Together | Rework

It’s been a good while since our latest free downloadable track. Last time (September 2010) it was our Bruit Infernal Mix of Daft Punk's classic Burnin’, our first remix ever. Back then, nobody could’ve ever imagined how big this monster would become. we didn’t even plan to remix that track, it was just the missing piece of a puzzle we added to an already existing cool demo.

But this time we knew we had to this Rework. Both original tracks by DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter (as Together) from the early 2000s mean a lot for us personally. They’re both pretty emotional and epic. Without a doubt some of their greatest work.

But there has always been 3 things about the Original Mix of the track Together that kind of bothered us.

  1. Bad Quality: 
    There’s just no decent 320 version out there. Don’t know how the song sounds on vinyl but it’s all very rough, very limited and compressed. Which takes away a lot of the energy.
  2. Too Repetitive:
    Yeah, we know, that’s pure French House from 2000. But honestly, (in more than 7 minutes) no filtering on the togetheeeer main sample at all?
  3. Fade Out:
    Just a little something here. We don’t like Fade Outs so much. We never use them in our own tracks. Maybe they thought this should be always the last song of an epic set. Who knows. We prefer strong and clear endings, something you can easily mix with another song live.

So we tried to fix all of this with our In Colour Rework. To guarantee for the quality, we didn’t simply sampled the vocals of the Original Mix. Instead we searched for all the original samples used by DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter to make this track. We ended up with all of them in a decent quality:

  • Intro: J.T. Walsh's speech (as Big Bob) from the movie Pleasantville (1998)
  • Main Sample: The Acapella version of Sweet Sensation's  Sincerely Yours (1989)
  • Drum/Bass Sample + Second Vocal Part: Slave's Because Of You (1988)

We also added the E-Guitar from the original Beverly Hills 90210 Theme. Don’t know if they used it, but their baseline is definitely exactly the same.

Enough talk. Let the music speak for itself. Here’s the Rework. Hope you all appreciate our work and enjoy this track as much as we do! Download, share, drop it and dance to it!

Together - Together (Les Loups’ In Colour Rework) by Les Loups

Big hug to Niels Freiheit for another excellent mastering! <3

Luv, Les Loups


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